After growing up along the east coast, I moved to Colorado Springs in 1990 to live in the mountains. Pikes Peak still takes my breath away. If I have a water bottle and I'm in a pair of trail shoes, it's a good day.

Being outdoors here regenerates me, and offers insight, perspective, and inspiration.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado (#3433).
I received my BA from the University of Maryland, and an MA from Chapman University.
After working in acute care settings and community mental health, I opened a private practice in 2000.

In 2004 I was trained in EMDR, and never looked back. Integrating EMDR into the therapeutic process accelerates healing, bringing relief from current triggers and traumatic memories, with their recurrent negative beliefs, emotions, images, and body sensations. Since offering EMDR, thousands of clients have benefited from this technique.
Mindfulness techniques allow ways to have greater awareness with less distress.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy effectively addresses more resilient, self-sabotaging beliefs, emotions, and behavior.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy offers ways to examine and re-frame interpretations and responses.
The HeartMath emwave is a handheld biofeedback instrument.

I have a holistic approach, and we can draw from a variety of  resources. Clients appreciate therapy being solution focused, accessing new information, and choosing interventions that let them feel better, be more adaptive, and have a more positive outlook.

Gerald Sandeford, MA, LPC, EMDR, Counselor in Colorado Springs

It's a rewarding experience to be able to offer others genuine relief. The mind and body are inclined to heal. Let yourself recover.